putokazi1.pngThe new video “Tu Sam” from the album “Mjesec“.The band “PUTOKAZI” (tr.: The SIGNPOSTS) from Croatian city of Rijeka is a unique musical phenomenon on the Croatian music scene. They are a band which has been successfully resisting all attempts of categorization and selection to a standard musical department.

Their unusual formula, which does not tolerate fast consumption, combines part-singing, dancing and movement thus creating a unique audio-visual experience that is pleasing for both the listeners (or viewers) and the performers.

In its form, “PUTOKAZI” is a choral ensemble of up to seven singers in concert, artists which perform choral singing in modern arrangements. The performance involves stage and dance movements…

[youtube 1lcKaZXYrJA]

[youtube ws_MrL1j5fM]

[youtube uh-9Qr4qjCU]

[youtube V66X-BV9TsQ]

[youtube 8r78ZPK-tro]

[youtube 6XLGykwcm_4]

[youtube A7Wbfw8A7aw]

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